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If I were a character in a story, how would the plot of my life play out?

Last night, I had been out till midnight celebrating a friend’s birthday. The party began with a brisk ten to fifteen-minute walk to a nearby private health club for a trainer led workout. Then facing into a cold stiff breeze, we returned to our hostess’ home for dinner.

Celebrating on the seventh floor of a downtown high rise overlooking the Ohio River, we lingered at the table. While enjoying the ambiance of colorful lights reflecting on the water below, not only were the individual bonds of our friendships strengthened, but our sisterhood as well.

If last night was an introduction to characters in a new series of novels, how would my story progress in the pages to follow? I can easily see, that every one of these ladies would be written as a strong lead.

However, it is also clear to me that I would be written into the plot as a minor character. But then, I realize that everyone is portrayed as a minor character in any story when very little is revealed about them or their lives.

Struck with the thought of becoming a character in a novel which anyone could read, I become fully aware that immediate remedial action on my part would be prudent. Because here I am trying to nap between text alerts on my cell phone on this Saturday afternoon, while ignoring the deadline looming over me.

Mentally plotting the stories of last nights gathering of friends, I remain in bed half-awake. Fleeting thoughts of writing a novel have plagued my mind for a couple of weeks and again this afternoon. I cringe to contemplate how an author would portray my character. And I am appalled at what I would read if the current details of my life were revealed within the pages of a book.

I know for a fact, that any editor would strongly advise the author to strengthen even a minor character like mine. There is nothing really terrible about me, other than my attitude in regards to the pursuit of worthwhile goals. So, in any novel with strong amazing characters such as those of my friends, even as a minor character, I would be severely lacking.*

A fledgling writer reflecting my current behavior, would be considered lackadaisical for napping on a critical Saturday afternoon. Meanwhile, the sands of the hourglass would be slipping ever closer to her editor’s deadline.

That’s me, because here I am trying to take a nap, while the deadline for my next manuscript to be on my editor’s desk, is just three weeks away. Therefore, if I were included in a novel, my current lack of dedication to writing would insure that I remain unworthy of developing into more than a minor role.

As thoughts of the consequences of my current actions solidify within my sleepy brain, suddenly, I jump out of bed!

Grabbing a glass of milk and two chocolate wrapped peanut butter candy eggs left over from Easter, I sit at my desk and open my computer.  It is now time to develop a different story line, not for a novel, but for the plot of my own life.

So, opening the file with my manuscript, I begin revising the chapter entitled “Following the Plot”. My new book is neither a novel nor an autobiography, but instead is a book of devotion dedicated to women living in the midst of age.

As an author, in order for me to further develop my character and improve the plot of my life, purposeful pursuit of productive behavior patterns is essential.

However, the ultimate goal is not for me to become a major character in my own novel.

I want to be a minor character developed and molded to the purposes of the author and finisher of my faith* and woven into the plot of His story.


*1  The influence of my friends causing me to become more determined to improve my character, is an example of an ancient proverb. “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” Proverbs 27:17 KJV

*2  “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith;…” Hebrews 12:2 a KJV

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