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This is the beginning of the next chapter of my life. Previous post was photo of winter. It's now time to let my light, which is a reflection of God's love. I strongly encourage you to review a previous post    LAMENT OF A TARNISHED VESSEL Prior to reading my upcoming post REMEMBER THE POTTER.
Sun Halo August 2022 Sacramento Mts, NM – Photo by Grace Hournbuckle Walker

Sun halos are the result of the light from the sun reflected by ice crystals in the atmosphere.

My last post depicted a snowy backyard scene. That was a while back… an unexpectedly long while back and reflected an unexpectedly long blog-less winter’s night from me.

Jesus said, “Ye are the light of the world… Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father in heaven.” Mathew 5:14-16 KJV

We are halos of the Son of God’s love. Father God sent his only Son to the world to redeem us. Now all believers reflect His light.

I am entering this season of life determined to shine brighter. The focus of the next 3-4 posts will be how I have seen myself in the past and my journey to now. My own thoughts and feelings seem to be common among others I encounter regarding their own lives as well. I trust that you are encouraged by the following posts:

LAMENT OF A TARNISHED VESSEL – 2016 – Copyright 2022

REMEMBER THE POTTER – 2017 – Copyright 2022

BEDTIME PRAYER OF A WARRIOR KING – 2022 – Copyright 2022

In 2016, I published NOW I CAN THINK MYSELF TO MARS: A SON’S FINAL GOODBYE, A MOTHER’S JOURNAL OF RENEWAL. This book is the story of my 8-yr-old son Nathan’s conversation the day before he died and my journey thereafter.

With the launching of that first book, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of inadequacy. My guts were exposed to the world to judge! Was it too much? How would others react? Too little? Did I not say enough to help others walk their own path? These feelings were transformed by Holy Spirit with Truth and inspired me to write LAMENT OF A TARNISHED VESSEL. Blog posted this site December 14, 2016

Continuing reassurance resulted in me awakening one morning imagining a conversation between two pots sitting in a village shop window. The answers to my doubts and questions about documenting the story of my own journey of loss and renewal were answered. Sharing the broken pieces of one’s life and God’s restoration is the story of not only God’s love for me, but for every individual in the world as well. God’s promise of restoration and purpose is depicted in the poem REMEMBER THE POTTER. Written shortly after the above poem, this one is scheduled to be posted next week.

My journey the last few years has been a journey of discovery. A new era is upon the world and this next poem depicts our roles in Father God’s Kingdom here on earth. The final of these promised three poems was inspired last summer by my own bedtime prayer yearning to fulfill the destiny created for me, as well as to know more about our relationship. Papa God’s answer resulted in the poem BEDTIME PRAYER OF A WARRIOR KING. Coming soon – scheduled for two weeks.

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