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I woke up one morning the summer of 2017 imagining two pots having a conversation while sitting on a shelf in a Village Shop window.

  •  One pot says meekly to the other –

“You seem so proud of where you are.” 

“Why, of course, I am,” answers the other pot. “I’ve accomplished a lot to be who and what I am.  Look at the detail and brilliant colors with which I am adorned.  And it’s not every pot that exhibits such a fine shape. But just look at yourself. Don’t you wish you could be like me, especially since you have that crack running across you and halfway up your side?” 

Meek Pot responds, “Do you remember the beginning?”

“What do you mean, the beginning?  I’ve always been right here” says Proud Pot.

“Don’t you remember being a lump of clay, spinning round and round on the Potter’s wheel?” Meek Pot questions persistently.

“Remember the feel of water dripping down your sides as the Potter’s hands formed you? Can’t you remember how your world spun seemingly out of control?  Don’t you remember the fire, the intense fire hardening you to the shape that you are now? Or the glazing of the beautiful colors chosen for you?  Or can you remember being placed carefully here on this shelf in front of the window?”

Meek Pot continues “You are right that I was damaged.  And like you, I didn’t used to remember the beginning… until I was broken.  Then I felt the Potter’s hands tenderly gathering me up, repairing my cracks and restoring my memories of the beginning.  Then he sat me here on the shelf beside you.”

“Don’t you remember?”

  • Voice of shopkeeper to customer –

“Here’s the pot … Oh, no.  No honey. No ma’am. Don’t choose that pot!’

“It does look pretty and looks great on the shelf, but it won’t be very useful. Now, notice this pot beside that one.  This slightly smaller one is the pot for you. “

Lady customer, “But that one has a crack.”

“You’re right, it does have a crack.  However, because of the craftsmanship of the creator and his restoration, the crack is the strongest, most beautiful part of the pot” explains Shopkeeper. 

“It’s like a lightning bolt of vivid color, don’t you agree? Besides, this smaller pot contains a healing salve.”  

“That pot may look like it’s a better pot, but it’s empty.  It’s not going to be of much use to you unless you just want to sit and look at it.  But if you want something that is going to bless you and have an impact on your life, then you need this one.”

Shopkeeper picking up the smaller pot and turning it slightly, continues his explanation.  

“Ma’am look closely while I turn the pot just a little bit toward the light.  There, can you see something else within the colors glazed into the pot? If you look carefully, you will see a reflection of the Creator, for His likeness has been fired into this pot while restoring it”. 

“This is the pot for you. It contains restorative power for cleansing and healing.  Yes, this small pot has been restored more beautiful than before and filled with The Balm of Gilead!”      

   (Jeremiah 8:21-22)


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