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Dear Nathan,

I wrote Lament of a Tarnished Vessel a few weeks ago in trepidation regarding the upcoming video shoot for your book promotion Now I Can Think Myself to Mars.  I know your book is already out there but I am still nervous about the marketing of it.  Hope you enjoy the poem.

Love, Mom



Gace Hournbuckle Walker

                                                         GET READY

Hearing frantic disgorging of cupboards

Dispersing flour, oil, salt across counters

Gathering of vessels by experienced hands

Chopping, baking, roasting in advance of greatness


Oh, how I hope it all continues to flow

In purposeful intent without me

Love and perfection swirling around

Leaving me untouched


Cringing into the darkness of the butler pantry

Purposeful steps advancing as I knew they would

For I know the commotion of preparation

A feast, an anticipation of celebration


                                                             GET READY! 

I glance forward as sudden illumination

Beyond the opening door

Strikes the choicest ones

On the most prominent shelf


Gleaming in favor, polished in love

Experienced in service

Tea Set straightens in expectation

I shrink within myself for tarnish is upon me


Praying for the closing of the door

Leaving me in obscurity

Fearing the disappointment of the master

The ridiculing of the others


                                                                         GET READY! 

Then… a strong voice of Love

“Where is it? My Father gave it me

For just this purpose, no other will do

Quick, bring it out into the light!”


“Oh, just see the detail

forged into this vessel by my Father

He made it with his own hands

In perfection!”


Me? You want me?

But, I have been unable to remove the tarnish

Please don’t bring me out of my darkness

For unworthiness overwhelms me


Again, the Master’s voice, “I must have it!

My Father created it in love for just this purpose

I will polish it myself into beauty

Crafted by my Father for celebration!”



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